Didn’t we agree on that when we started?

Unlike ultimate car builds, radical chopper assembly, building a house, paving a road, and other similarly natured projects — software development projects are one of the most challenging, difficult, and yet exciting types to be a part of.


In the ideal world of webshop development projects, you start off with the usual steps of:

  1. speaking with the client
  2. clearly understanding what they need
  3. creating a properly written scope of how you as a project manager understand their needs
  4. submit these documents to the client for review and approval
  5. coordinating with your design team so they can create design proposals
  6. discussing those design proposals with your client
  7. a bit of lull time (maybe a few minutes in between projects, haha)
  8. client comes back with design suggestions of his own
  9. design team implements those suggestions and you resubmit that to the client
  10. client approves… a “go ahead” is received for development
  11. design team cuts and creates html guides
  12. then the development team takes over….
  13. development days are earmarked by end-of-day checkpoints…
  14. as weeks go by… an alpha version is setup on a staging server (still strictly according to scope) … or so you thought
  15. as the alpha version is updated to beta, the client is allowed to go in and see the product
  16. the client likes what they see (that’s a day into the runthrough….)
  17. then comes the dreaded… EMAIL!
  18. wham, then all hell breaks lose
  19. the tides of thundra run dry and the clouds burst with lightning…
  20. days become 16-hour chunks of energy-consuming globs…
  21. …shall I go on?!

I love my profession, but sometimes, the art of turning out and delivering a lock-stock-and-packaged software is a goal too hard to accomplish, especially when some clients can change minds faster than they change lanes on a highway.

… and these situations can obviously end in many, many ways.


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